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About DTC University

For nearly 20 years DTC Perspectives has been the top curator of DTC advertising education through our conferences, magazine, and newsletters. Over this time, we’ve witnessed the maturation of the industry and worked closely with industry leaders to present the state of pharmaceutical advertising.  Throughout the years, you’ve heard from industry experts at DTC Perspectives events and executed groundbreaking pharmaceutical campaigns.  DTC University and its DTC Certification are a culmination of these efforts to give our audience more individualized learning of more specialized topics and recognition as experienced, educated DTC marketers.


DTC University certification exists for marketers in this specialized and regulated marketing area to be recognized for their expertise. For years, DTC advertising regulations have been navigated by industry pioneers and these individuals have pushed the creative and strategic boundaries to new heights.  DTC University certification is a way to identify certified DTC marketing experts who have demonstrated excellence and understanding of the regulations, nuances, and impact of DTC advertising.

Required: 6 Course hours + Passing of a test
Optional: 14 hours of elective courses