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Frequently Asked Questions

About DTC University

What is DTC University?        

DTC University is a new program from DTC Perspectives, providing continuing education to current DTC marketers, as well as anyone who works in the DTC space or aspires to in the future. DTC University is composed of various courses that are delivered both at DTC Perspectives conferences, as well as online. These courses vary in level and complexity, from the introductory DTC 101 to a large and ever-expanding curriculum of Master classes.

Why is DTC Perspectives Appropriate to Do This?

DTC Perspectives has been bringing together top thought leaders in the pharmaceutical marketing industry for nearly 20 years. We provide a forum for pharmaceutical marketers and their agencies/vendors to discuss and present top educational content, research, case studies, and actionable insights. Throughout this process we have built a community of DTC experts, the people working to guide the industry today, to share their knowledge. As a company with no financial interest in any single company or product, but in DTC marketing generally, we are well-positioned to be a great curator of information.

Who Are The Faculty For This And Why Are They Qualified to Teach?

This faculty is composed of people who DTC Perspectives has gotten to know through two decades of DTC marketing education as some of the best in their topic areas in terms of knowledge of DTC marketing information and the ability to convey it to an audience.

What are the Basics of DTC University?

DTC University is divided into two programs: DTC 101 and DTC Master classes.

DTC 101 is the introductory course in DTC Marketing that is designed to reflect about 6 hours of coursework chosen by DTC Perspectives in consultation with other distinguished DTC Marketers as the essentials everyone should know before getting involved with DTC Marketing. Taking this class and/or passing the accompanying exam are required to get a Certified DTC Marketer Certificate and begin receiving credit for DTC Master Classes.

DTC Master classes are designed for those who have completed DTC 101 and want much deeper dives into more specific subject matter. Each DTC Master class will be approximately 3 hours of coursework on a single subject, ranging from marketing a single disease state, to marketing to a single market segment, to marketing through a single media type. These courses will be updated regularly as they are created and will provide a tremendous amount of depth to all areas in and around DTC marketing, both in the US and globally.

What is a DTC Credit?

One DTC Credit is approximately three hours of instruction or related materials. This equates to one half day (about three hours of presentations) at a live DTC Perspective’s event or one online DTC University course (excluding DTC 101). For example, attending one full day of a DTC Perspectives Event (Day 2 of DTC National or DTC Forum on Social Media and Technology) would provide 2 DTC Credits. Attending a half day of a DTC Perspectives Event (Day 3 of the DTC National) or taking one master class online would provide 1 DTC Credit.

About DTC University’s Certified DTC Marketer Program

Who Can Get Certified?

Varying programs and certification levels allow anyone working or who aspires to work in DTC advertising to become certified, including brand marketers, agency team members, vendors, regulators, and students. International companies practicing outside of the United States can also receive certification to demonstrate their knowledge of the industry. People in related industries such as animal health and OTC can benefit from this knowledge and certification as well.

Why is DTC Perspectives Certifying DTC Marketers?

DTC Marketing is a very complex area that requires high knowledge of not only marketing but healthcare and regulatory information. Our DTC University certification exists to verify who has taken courses providing expertise in the latest regulations, trends, and marketing techniques.

How Do I Become a Certified DTC Marketer?

Anyone who completes the DTC University 101 course and passes the test will become a Certified DTC Marketer. This course can be done electronically, at one of our live DTC events, or customized to be brought in house live at your company or sales meeting. It is designed to be approximately 6 hours of education and a 15 minute multiple-choice exam so marketers with busy schedules can finish it in as little as a single business day.

How Much Does DTC 101 Cost?

The cost will be $795 online and $995 live. Significant discounts are available to marketers who have already proven mastery in this area through being recently recognized for their work through one of our DTC Perspectives events or through having 3+ years in DTC Marketing. Discounts are also available for multiple signups from the same organization, private sessions, or for students at participating universities.

What are the Benefits for Me Getting Certified?

In addition to the obvious benefits that come along with maintaining knowledge of changes in the DTC space, be they regulatory, technological, or methodological, certification also helps set yourself apart from others by providing verification to current and prospective employers and clients that you understand the complexities unique to DTC Marketing and will not require significant company time to learn the rudimentary aspects of the space. In an area such as this, where penalties for technical errors in your marketing can be extremely high, basic DTC understanding when working on any DTC campaign is a must.

In order to encourage this learning, DTC Perspectives will provide every person who completes this course with:

  • A Certificate (physical and digital) to verify program completion
  • A $495 credit to be used at any DTC Perspective’s event that includes sessions or online master classes for further education
  • Access to a curated library of presentations from the last several years of DTC Perspectives Conferences that do not count towards your certification but provide great supplemental learnings and references to enhance your education on these topics
  • Ability to add a listing of name, title, and company on DTC University website
  • Certified DTC Marketer distinction on conference badges

How Long Does my Certification Last?

If you become certified in either 2019 or 2020, your certification will expire December 31st 2020. You can begin taking courses in 2020 to maintain certification for the 2021 calendar year.

How Do I Maintain my Certification Status?

To maintain the Certified DTC Marketer each year you will need to complete two DTC credits.

What are the advantages of Taking DTC 101 Virtually?

Taking DTC 101 virtually allows you to learn at your own pace, doing as little or as much as you’d like each day. It is designed for those who have limited travel budgets or time, and prefer self-guided learning.

What are the advantages of Taking DTC 101 Live?

The live versions of DTC 101 will be composed of the exact same courses from the virtual version but be run by an expert moderator that will be able to answer any question you have in real time so learnings will be more in depth. Live attendees will also receive all the same videos from DTC 101 for reference to review at their convenience. Attendees will also be able to guarantee a certification in a single day and, because their participation is verified, will not be required to test and will receive their certification at the conclusion of the day. A networking lunch is also included.

When/Where can I take DTC 101 Live?

Live DTC 101 certifications will be available at Day 1 of the DTC National on April 16 in Boston; in Chicago on June 11, and in Los Angeles and New Jersey in October (dates TBA). Live 101 courses can also be brought to your/your client offices as part of private trainings. Contact DTC Perspectives for more details.

I’m Interested but Don’t Want To Participate With My Competition In the Room. Can you Help?

For an event fee plus travel expenses, DTC Perspectives will provide the same proctored live DTC 101 at a date/location of your choosing that will only be open to those you invite. This will allow you to certify your entire company/organization and anyone else you so choose while feeling free to delve deep into discussions pertaining only to your organization’s specific needs without having competitors privy to the discussion.


What if I Want a Deeper Dive on Any of the Topics?

In addition to the supplementary material provided to any certified DTC Marketer, which are a variety of still-relevant, hand-selected presentations from prior DTC Perspectives Conferences, DTC Perspectives will be launching another level of courses and certification entitled the DTC Master Marketer with details to follow shortly.