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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is DTC Perspectives Appropriate to Do This?

DTC Perspectives has been bringing together top thought leaders in the pharmaceutical marketing industry for nearly 20 years. We provide a forum for pharmaceutical marketers and their agencies/vendors to discuss and present top educational content, research, case studies, and actionable insights. Throughout this process we have built a community of DTC experts, the people working to guide the industry today, to share their knowledge. As a company with no financial interest in any single company or product, but in DTC marketing generally, we are well-positioned to be a great curator of information.

Who Can Get Certified?

Varying programs and certification levels allow anyone working or who aspires to work in DTC advertising to become certified, including brand marketers, agency team members, vendors, regulators, and students. International companies practicing outside of the United States can also receive certification to demonstrate their knowledge of the industry. People in related industries such as animal health and OTC can benefit from this knowledge and certification as well.

Why are We Certifying DTC Marketers?

DTC University certification exists to maintain standards of who has taken courses that acknowledge expertise in the latest regulations, trends, and marketing techniques.

What Is The Certification Process?

Certification is 6 Required Course hours plus optional 14 Hours of elective courses and the passing of a test. Course topics cover a range of DTC advertising topics, with our first program including: Intro to DTC Marketing, Understanding Disease Education Campaigns, Basic DTC Social Marketing, The Basics of DTC Creative, Segmenting DTC Consumers, The Basics of DTC Marketing at the Pharmacy, Understanding the Regulatory Pitfalls of DTC. This course can be done electronically, at one of our live DTC events, or customized to be brought in house live at your company or sales meeting.

What Are The Benefits for Me For Getting Certified?

There are many reasons to expand your education and present yourself as a certified marketer within this industry. If you’re a pharmaceutical marketer, you’ll maintain knowledge of changes in the DTC space, be they regulatory, technological, or methodological. Agencies and vendors getting certification ensures clients and potential clients that your team understand the unique regulations, segmentation, patient populations, and creative guidelines of the pharmaceutical advertising industry. Students and new hires at a company who may be unfamiliar with the nuances of DTC marketing can get a broad overview of the DTC marketing landscape and be more prepared for their entry into this industry.

What Are The Initial And Ongoing Costs of Certification?

While these are still to be determined, DTC Certification will be set up to take no more than 6 hours live and, if done at one of DTC’s live events, will cost no more than current rates for a day pass to a DTC Perspectives conference. If done virtually, it will be even cheaper than that. Heavy discounts per certification also apply if DTC Perspectives is contracted to certify at your office or team meeting, or for group purchases of either live or virtual events.

How Do I Stay Certified?

You remain certified by taking at least 6 credit hours of DTC University courses a year. This can be done by taking online courses or attending live DTC Perspectives events. New courses and updated electives will be added to the curriculum often, allowing you to focus on learning in new important areas of DTC marketing that are of interest to you.

Who Are The Faculty For This And Why Are They Qualified to Teach?

This faculty is composed of people who DTC Perspectives has gotten to know through two decades of DTC marketing education as some of the best in their topic areas in terms of knowledge of DTC marketing information and the ability to convey it to an audience.

What if I Want a Deeper Dive on Any of the Topics?

DTC University will be offering Master’s level courses into individual topics. These courses will require at least 5 classes which include 6 required course hours plus at least 14 recommended optional hours of elective courses and the passing of a test for each subject. DTC University participation also gives you access to years of DTC Perspectives’ speaker footage from conferences like the DTC National, Point-of-Care National, Multicultural Health National, Marketing Disease Prevention and Awareness and more.