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Master Classes

DTC Master Classes are designed for those who have completed DTC 101 (thereby becoming a Certified DTC Marketer) and want much deeper dives into more specific subject matter. Each DTC Master class will be approximately 3 hours of coursework on a single subject. After successfully becoming a Certified DTC Marketer, students can become a Certified Master DTC Marketer by completing an additional 3 credits of Master Classes.

DTC University is offering Master Class credits at the 2020 DTC National Conference. Each full day of the DTC National is worth two credits and each half day is worth one credit towards a Master DTC Marketer Certificate.

To maintain certification the following year, students must complete an additional 5 credits of Master Classes. Credits obtained in the current year can by applied to the continued certification in the following year.

Master Classes Offered in October:
DTC Forum on Social Media & Technology | October 9, 2020 | EnVue, Autograph Collection | Weehawken, NJ

Share Your DTC Marketing Expertise & Lead a Master Class

DTC marketing is a very complex area that requires high knowledge of not only marketing but healthcare and regulatory information. DTC Perspectives is seeking experts in various fields within DTC marketing who are interested in leading their own DTC University: Master Class course.

Top industry professionals will create and host their own Master Class course, providing a deep-dive on any particular topic relevant in DTC marketing. These courses are pre-recorded and edited before releasing to DTC University students. Teachers have the option to present these courses in-person during future DTC U Live events.

Each Master Class course proposal should offer concise details and must include the following:

  • Talk title and 100-word abstract
  • Three take-aways students will learn
  • Biography for the intended teacher

This is an ongoing initiative so submit your request to lead a course today! Contact Jennifer Kovack ( with questions.

Submit a Master Class Proposal

Certified Master DTC Marketer FAQ

Who Can Become a Master DTC Marketer?

A DTC Master Marketer is someone who has shown mastery in the subject of DTC Marketing by completing the DTC 101 course and 3 other DTC Master Classes within a calendar year.

Why Become a Master DTC  Marketer?

DTC Marketing is a very complex area that requires high knowledge of not only marketing but healthcare and regulatory information. Becoming a DTC Master Marketer shows not only the basic understanding obtained by becoming a certified DTC Marketer but also that the marketer has advanced marketing knowledge in a variety of areas around DTC Marketing and has trained in the latest regulations, techniques, and research in the space.

How Do I Become a Certified Master DTC Marketer?

You must pass the DTC 101 class and receive 3 additional DTC credits. This can be done by attending DTC Perspectives events, custom live classes, remotely, or any combination thereof. For example, you can take DTC 101 online, pass the online exam, and then take 3 online courses. Or you can attend all three days of our DTC National Conference, taking DTC 101 the first day and then receiving 2 credits for attending day 2 (Advanced DTC Marketing 1 & 2) and Day 3 (either DTC Social Media or DTC Animal Health).

How Much Does Becoming a Master DTC  Marketer Cost?

Online Master Classes are available for $495 each. A pack of 3 online master classes can be pre-purchased for $1295 and a pack of 5 online master classes can be pre-purchased for $1995. Attending live DTC Conferences varies based on company and event. Discounts are also available for multiple signups from the same organization for the same course, private sessions, or for students at participating universities.

What Are The Benefits for Me For Getting Certified?

Master DTC Marketers are certified by DTC Perspectives to be experts in their field. For those who are looking to get into DTC Marketing, advance in DTC Marketing, or work with a pharmaceutical company on their DTC Work, being certified as a DTC Master Marketer shows that company that the person they are dealing with is well executed in advanced techniques of DTC Marketing and should be far more understanding of their unique challenges and needs than someone who comes from any other area of healthcare or marketing.

In order to encourage this learning, DTC Perspectives will provide every person who gains this certification with:

  • A Certificate (physical and digital) to verify program completion, as well as certifications (on request, for a nominal fee) in any individual master classes they complete
  • $995 in credits to be used at any DTC Perspective’s event that includes sessions or online master classes for further education (in the same calendar year)
  • Access to a curated library of presentations from the last several years of DTC Perspectives Conferences that do not count towards your certification but should provide great supplemental learnings and references to enhance your education on the master class topics you chose.
  • Ability to add listing of name, title, company, photo, contact info, and a link to your Linkedin Profile on DTC University website
  • Certified DTC Master Marketer distinction on conference badges

How Long Does my Certification Last?

If you become certified in either 2019 or 2020, your certification will expire December 31st 2020. You can begin taking courses to maintain certification in 2020 for the 2021 calendar year.

What are the advantages of Taking Master Classes Virtually?

Taking DTC Master Classes virtually allows you to learn at your own pace, doing as little or as much as you’d like each day, and is designed for those who have limited travel budgets or time, and prefer self-guided learning.

What are the advantages of Taking DTC 101 Live?

The live versions of DTC Master Classes will include case studies and very specific information that we likely cannot provide in digital format due to its proprietary information and limited validity. Live courses are meant for the consumption of the live audience and will often provide specific, competitive information that is not designed to have the long shelf-life of our virtual classes but will be incredibly useful for those who take part.

When/Where can I take DTC Master Classes Live?

Currently, live DTC master classes will only be available during our DTC National Conference this April in Boston or at our Forums on TV and Print/Forum on Social and Technology in New Jersey this October. Additional live classes will likely be added in future years in New Jersey, Chicago, and Los Angeles based on specific course demand. Personalized, private Master classes held at your/your clients’ office may also be ordered/created by contacting DTC Perspectives.

I’m Interested but Don’t Want To Participate With My Competition In the Room. Can you Help?

For an event fee plus travel expenses, DTC Perspectives will put on a master class on any chosen topic (either one that is pre-existing or a custom one) at a date/location of your choosing that will only be open to those you invite. This can be done as a moderated virtual course or, if the instructors are available, all live, in-person courses. This will allow you to certify your entire company/organization and anyone else you so choose while feeling free to delve deep into discussions pertaining only to your organizations’ specific needs without having competitor’s privy to the discussion.

How Do I Maintain my Certification Status?

To maintain becoming a certified DTC Master Marketer each year, you will need to complete five DTC credits. This can be done by attending DTC Perspectives events, custom live classes, remotely, or any combination thereof. For example, you can take take 5 online master courses. Or you can attend all three days of our DTC National Conference, taking the two DTC Master classes (2 credits), 2 credits for attending day 2 (Advanced DTC Marketing 1 & 2) and 1 credit for Day 3 (either DTC Social Media or DTC Animal Health).

What do I Do If There Is a Subject I’d like for a Master Class that Doesn’t Exist?

Simply contact DTC Perspectives with your ideas for a Master Class, whether as an attendee or instructor. If people request it, we will try to find thought leaders who can create it. If we can get four to six great presenters covering various, important areas of a single subject related to DTC Marketing, we have created a master class.