Hear from expert speakers covering Big Data in Direct to Consumer (DTC) Marketing. *Presentation slides included with video

Videos included in this program:

Eric Talbot, Principal & Founder, Epiphany Insights, Inc.

As with all brands, your campaign will experience a lifecycle. But do you know how long you should do DTC advertising? Should it be only during launch? How do I adjust my campaign throughout my product’s lifespan? Learn from strategy and analytics expert Eric Talbot about knowing when and how to evolve your campaigns as your brand ages. 

*Boehringer Ingelheim Takes Diabetes to the Dance Floor… with Results
Lance Tyler, Executive Director of MultiChannel Marketing, Cross Cultural Marketing and Established Brands, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ana Ceppi, Vice President/Healthcare, Univision

Boehringer Ingelheim knew it could help the 1 out of 5 Hispanics diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. It just needed a big idea... and scale. Find out how Boehringer Ingelheim partnered with Univision’s Sabado Gigante in a Diabetes awareness campaign that drove Hispanics from the dance floor to the doctor’s office.

Driving Patient Conversations through Disease State Marketing Strategies (Presentation Slides Only)
Eric Foster, Marketing Director, Consumer Marketing, Immunology at GSK

Loretta Lurie, SVP, Managing Director, PHD

In 2013, GSK teamed up with Anderson DDB and PHD Media to explore innovative disease state marketing strategies for Lupus. The campaign was fueled by an intent to increase lupus awareness and patient conversations. Reviewing the data of the varying efforts, and particular success in targeted media channels such as point-of-care video, shows that there are certain best practices to share with the industry.

Generating Greater Engagement and More Actions via Emotional Marketing 
Andrea Palmer, SVP, Publicis Health Media

Jim Curtis, Chief Strategy Officer, Remedy Health Media

This deeply engaging and insightful presentation will spark pharma marketers to think beyond traditional methods of patient education. Brands should infuse emotional marketing into their health communications to foster that ever important human connection. Sharing research results and insights from an innovative pharma initiative, see how emotional marketing and real patient stories drive action, brand loyalty and script lift.

Ask Your Doctor? The Impacts of DTC Advertising
Michael Sinkinson, Assistant Professor Business Economics and Public Policy, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

A recent study from The Wharton School on DTC advertising explored several key areas of its impact. Upon exploring the importance of competitive interaction between manufacturers, research found that DTC generated both positive spillovers within a product category and business-stealing effects among rivals.  As many consumers found competitive products to be close substitutes of each other, a strong need for product differentiation is exposed. Furthermore, study results help qualify policy makers’ views: the increase of information vs wasteful advertising. 

Black Health Matters
Sheila L. Thorne, President/CEO, Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group, LLC

The African American community is a large and important demographic in healthcare, but it can oftentimes be difficult to connect with as issues such as proper healthcare access or a lack of trust of the pharmaceutical industry create barriers for marketers. Multicultural marketing expert Sheila Thorne has found one of the solutions when it comes to marketing opportunities within this key population and has been designing qualitative and quantitative measures of success within the pharmaceutical business model.

*Case Study: DTC Marketing Automation – How Brands Can Activate Data to Win
Chuck Hrushka, Executive Director of Marketing, Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. 

Jeff Rohwer, Partner, Strategy & Co-Founder, Sentient

DTC marketers are overwhelmed with mountains of data. Market research, copay card redemptions, web analytics, CRM data, and of course, nRx/tRx sales figures are utilized to try and glean insights into what’s working in the marketing mix and why reactively. Many marketers are asking themselves, what good is all this data if I can’t use it proactively and in real-time to make direct changes to how I’m activating media and creative to deliver results? Through this case study, learn how to introduce marketing automation, fueled by data and insights, to deliver results through KPIs and, most importantly, script growth.

*Digital Disruption: From Big Data to Focused Data
Jack Hogan, Chief Technology Officer, Lifescript

An abundance of data can sometimes be overwhelming. But with technology, marketers can graduate from big data to focused data. Focused Data allows companies to create smaller, hyper-targeted segments across key condition categories, with much greater relevance. For instance, by normalizing data down to approximately 400 data points, you can focus on one condition and/or targeting parameter to reach the most meaningful segments, which is particularly helpful if you are trying to connect with extremely niche audiences. Learn what impacts these disruptive innovations can do for you, your brand, and its messaging.

*Health Insurance: A New Frontier for Pharma Marketers
Lou Sanquini, Head of Strategic Programs, Healthagen Outcomes

Robert Palmer, EVP, Managing Director, JUICE Pharma Worldwide

Juice Pharma and Healthagen Outcomes (a subsidiary of a major US Payer, Aetna) present an overview of Healthagen Outcomes’ new population health value proposition for marketers. From disease education to improving adherence, facilitating patient-physician communication to improving outcomes, payers a formerly underutilized channel represent new frontiers through their vast wealth of real-world data. Learn how Healthagen Outcomes is collaborating with pharmaceutical manufacturers to assess and address large scale patient populations and their providers to improve outcomes and reduce costs. 

*The App-ization of Healthcare: Uber your Healthcare! The Imminent Future of Patient-Centered Medicine
Michael Spitz, VP, Strategy, Klick Health

Mobile technology has changed consumers’ lives. We can now instantly summon a cab, order a meal, reserve a room, stream music and video, and socialize on our phone—so why can’t we effortlessly access the most important data of all, our health records? The wearables revolution has made health and wellness apps central to consumer electronics. This shift makes the measurement, analysis, and sharing of personal health data widespread. After privacy and security concerns are addressed, consumers will be able to “Uber” their healthcare. Discover how and what these changes all mean for you and your brand.

*The Prescription for Increasing Mobile App Downloads
Howard Goldberg, Sr. Account Executive, Evolving Verticals, Nielsen

Smartphones and tablets have become essential sources of patient engagement with approximately 2.5 million Americans using their mobile device each month to obtain medical information. Patients are increasingly leaving the doctor’s office with both an Rx for a drug as well as a mobile app. With thousands of choices in the marketplace, how can you increase adoption and downloads of your application? In this session, we’ll examine consumers who believe healthcare apps impact their health, explore their behaviors and attitudes to define app content, and discover marketing tactics to build awareness and downloads

*Using Big Analytics to Measure DTC Impact
Tom Wassel, President, Pharmalytical, Inc.

Big Data has led to the development of Big Analytics, a new set of tools and approaches for data analysis. These powerful tools, designed to analyze massive datasets, can be leveraged by your team to help you better understand and quantify the impact of your brand’s DTC TV campaign. Using a real world analysis, data expert Tom Wassel will walk through the steps of analyzing a DTC TV campaign with Big Analytics, including: How to Find, Measure, and Leverage the DTC Effect. 


Using Big Data to Mine and Map the Patient Journey
Liliana Gil Valletta, President, XL Alliance

Patrick Furey, Chief Data Officer, XL Alliance

In this presentation, attendees will preview an innovative insights process that mines unbiased, unfiltered, and real-time big data to identify meaningful interventions that improve access, treatment and outcomes for patients. In particular, insights for breast cancer patients will be shared. This new “social cultural intelligence” can empower managed care organizations, payors, and pharmaceutical companies seeking better patient engagement and results.


*Are Your Ads Hitting the Mark and Generating Dialogue? 

Meghan Oates-Zalesky, Vice President of Marketing, InCrowd

Katie Ka, Head of Research Strategy and Reporting, InCrowd

Recent InCrowd research examines physician and patient perceptions of direct-to-consumer (DTC) pharmaceutical ads. The US pharmaceutical industry spends approximately $5.4 billion on DTC ads with the goal of enabling more aware and engaged patients. In this session you will learn physician and patient views of DTC ads, examining their impact on generating dialogue.

*DTC Creative Assessment
Frank Chipman, Vice President, Healthcare Practice, MetrixLab

Phil Sawyer, President & Communications Consultant, PW Sawyer Communications Consulting

Combining extensive knowledge and experience with a rich database, Frank Chipman and Phil Sawyer have identified key characteristics that have proven to be the most effective for DTC advertising. They will share how you can assess creative ideas, even at early stage, to make sure they have the greatest potential for success. They will share examples of success stories, as well as failures, to demonstrate how you can use DTC advertising to activate patient response. Learn how to construct and evaluate your campaigns to significantly improve your likelihood for success, while continually optimizing the time and money that you put into creative development.

*FDA’s New Research: What Does It Mean for Your Brand?
Mark Senak, SVP & Partner, FleishmanHillard

The FDA has planned some new studies over the course of the past year, including distracting animations in ads; fair balance compliance via social media links; and how well consumers recognize deceptive claims in mock ads. FDA expert Mark Senak will share the latest FDA happenings along with what implications it will have on your DTC marketing.

*GoBoldly with PhRMA
Eric Emel, Group Director, Client Engagement, VML

Belle Frank, Global Director Research and Strategy, Global Health Practice, Young & Rubicam

Hear how the GoBoldly campaign on behalf of America’s Biopharmaceutical Companies was created from Robert Zirkelbach, Howard Courtemanche, and Belle Frank. They will discuss the background, objectives, insights, and development of this campaign that highlights the ground breaking innovations in new medicines developed in recent years and the exciting breakthroughs soon to come

*Harnessing the Power of New Analytics
Ira Haimowitz, VP, Product Strategy, Crossix

Dori Cappola, SVP, Media, Klick

This case study will demonstrate the innovative ways that brands are leveraging expanded health data sets (beyond just Rx), as well as the fresh approaches that can be utilized in digital marketing analytics. Learn how you can apply these insights to your brand to fundamentally reimagine how you plan, measure, and optimize your digital campaigns across a variety of platforms.

Healthcare IT Panel
Moderator: David A. Dworaczyk, PhD, Director, Life and Health Sciences Strategic Development, Health Sciences Global Business Unit, Oracle

Heather Adamson, Content Marketing Lead, IBM Watson Health

David A. Dworaczyk, PhD, Director, Life and Health Sciences Strategic Development, Health Sciences Global Business Unit, Oracle

Siva Nadarajah, General Manager, Big Data and Compliance, QuintilesIMS

Dr. Keith Roach, Chief Medical Officer,Sharecare

With so much data collected on consumers, it is hard to sort through the clutter and understand what is useful, important, and can actually be translated into results. Our panel of data experts will look at innovations in data collection and analysis that will allow marketers to better understand and micro-target consumers in an actionable way. They will break down three prominent areas: Social Listening, Smart Devices, and Real World Data.

*Hispanic Healthcare Journey
Felisha Lewis, Vice President, Healthcare Insights, Nielsen

Carlos Gutierrez, VP, Strategy & Insights, Univision

Dr. Juan Rivera, Chief Medical Correspondent, Univision Communications, Inc. (UCI)

Looking to grow your business and improve patient outcomes? US Hispanics are your opportunity. Join experts from Univision and Nielsen as they share new insights from the Hispanic Healthcare Journey study, which brings to life the emotional, behavioral and cultural considerations for implementing Hispanic outreach. From the very first symptoms to obtaining treatment, participants will gain new insights to encourage patient-HCP conversations, adjust their communication strategies, and craft resonate messaging for Hispanic patients.

*State of the Industry Analysis
Jayne Krahn, VP of Product and Research Operations, Kantar Media

Jon Swallen, Chief Research Officer, Kantar Media

Join Kantar Media’s Jon Swallen and Jayne Krahn as they share an in-depth spending analysis of DTC marketing. This data session will delve into the rebound and evolution of DTC spending in the past few years to help you understand what changed and why, and project where future spending is headed. Analyses by category will also be shared.

Understanding Today’s Patient Experience
Moderator: Scott Ehrlich, COO, DTC Perspectives

Steven Millerman, President,EMCAY

Jennifer Mormile, Chief Industry Officer, Condé Nast

Reginald Ware, CEO, BlackDoctor.org

Roger Sawhney, Senior Vice President of Life Sciences Strategy and Business

Development, Outcome Health

Mike Collette, CEO, PatientPoint

With a more individualized customer base, today’s consumers demand that marketing better reflects their individual needs and personalities. Our expert panel will discuss how you can gain more traction in your efforts through better-tailored campaigns and programs. Glean insights about how to better understand the patient as individuals, including their cultures, buying experiences, and challenges with their diseases

Innovations in Copy Testing 
John Mangano, Senior Vice President, comScore

Mike Hulfachor, Vice President, comScore

Advancements in tracking and research have allowed marketers to find out sooner and on a more timely basis how their ads are performing and where adjustments may be needed. Through the largest set of matchable TV data in the market, comScore experts will share brand tracking and ROI measurement, where TV and online are combined using script match, to help you transform your marketing. 

“The Cure for The Common Hospital” – Successfully Repositioning a Small, State-of-the-Art Community Hospital
Isadora Brown, Vice President, Lattimer Communications

Nicky Scott, Senior Account Executive, Lattimer Communications

This presentation will share the insights and strategies implemented to reposition a small, state-of-the-art, community hospital -- a place that would remind patients of the care that had disappeared from healthcare.

*Case Study on African American Health Marketing
Vickie Gogo, Senior Vice President, Campbell & Company

Creative approaches are required to develop campaigns that are credible, sustaining and effective for Federal and state health agencies. One proven approach is through grassroots outreach and strategic partnerships. This presentation will discuss how Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) engaged senior centers and partnered with local radio stations around the country to educate African American older adults about new programs that benefit them.

Communicating to the Asian Market Segment Panel
Moderator: Saul Gitlin, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at GlobalWorks

Panelists: Jay Kim, Managing Director, AAAZA

Eileen Chin, Director of Strategy, Ten Health

Giancarlo Pacheco, Co-Founder and President, PCA

This panel will take a cross-agency look at different ways to market healthcare products and services to the Asian consumer segment, looking at media mix, creative, and culturally competent marketing.

*Do You Know Who is Over the Counter (OTC)?
Oscar Padilla, VP-Strategy, Luminar

The ability to fortify marketing efforts by tracking consumption trends and dive deeper into the diverse socioeconomic Multicultural segment is imperative. By partnering with Luminar, gaining access to transactional data for U.S. households allows for robust segmentation models down to the UPC/SKU level, providing greater insight into the preferences of the Multicultural population and tap this marketplace for feedback. Collaborating in a private cloud environment to view consumption and close the feed back loop resulted in identifying underserved markets and comparison of sales performance over time across key ethnic segments, further informing the marketing and promotions strategies.

Getting African Americans Excited About Health Through Radio
Jason Hughes, Director, Sales, Reach Media

African Americans over index in radio. Being concentrated in several urban markets, radio is also a great way to reach African Americans with very targeted, actionable health information. This presentation will discuss how to effectively reach African Americans through radio (both locally and nationally) and present case studies that show specific ways that African Americans were driven to take action on their healthcare through radio targeting.

*LGBT Market Insights, Best Practices, and Case Studies
Tom Roth, President, Community Marketing

Gay and lesbian is no longer an “emerging” multi-cultural market segment. Many leading brands are seriously engaged with the LGBT community and gauging trackable ROI. How can you identify market opportunities, communicate effectively, and measure results? Thomas Roth will share the perspectives, tools and best practices that you need to be successful.

Marketing to Diversity in a Digital World
David Burgos, SVP of Cultural Strategy, TNS

From social networking and mobile commerce, to location-based services, device proliferation and constant connectivity, the digitalization of our daily lives has had a powerful impact on the ways in which brands and consumers relate to each other. While this digitalization is seen by many as a challenge, savvy marketers are actually leveraging it as an opportunity to connect with diverse consumers in a meaningful way. David Burgos will share with us the results of TNS’ Connected Life, a global study exploring the ways in which ethnic segments in the US (including non-Hispanic Whites) are engaging with each other and brands in a digital world, examining the interplay between online and offline behaviors.

Marketing to the African American Consumer
Moderator: Bob McNeil, President & CEO, ImagesUSA

Panelists: Vickie Gogo, Senior Vice President, Campbell & Company

Sheila Thorne, President & CEO, Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group

Isadora Brown, Vice President, Lattimer Communications

This panel will examine different cases on how to market healthcare to the African American consumer. Panelists will discuss culturally competent marketing, specific campaigns that were and weren’t effective in marketing healthcare to African American consumers, and how your company can do a better campaign to reach African American consumers.

*Marketing to the LGBT Health Care Consumer 
Andy Bagnall, EVP, Strategic Direction, Prime Access

Marketing to LGBTs can seem like the last frontier of multicultural health care. But the reality is that many brands have been successfully marketing to LGBTs since the beginning of DTC advertising. This session will discuss the viability of including LGBTs in your market segmentation and outline successful approaches to capture this still untapped audience. 

*The Hispanic Millennial Project: Phase Two
Jose Villa, President, Sensis

Roy Kokoyachuk, Managing Partner, ThinkNow Research

The Hispanic Millennial Project (HMP) is a joint research study developed by cross-cultural advertising agency Sensis and leading research firm ThinkNow Research. The HMP is designed to provide an in-depth analysis of Hispanic Millennials, one of the most compelling, dynamic and often misunderstood segments within the growing Hispanic market. Phase Two of this project focuses on the attitudes of Hispanic Millennials toward healthcare, health insurance, and the Affordable Care Act, and where and how they consume information on these topics.

*Transcultural Marketing: Building Relationships with Healthcare Customers
Marye Tharp, Senior Lecturer of Marketing, University of Texas At San Antonio

Transcultural marketing adds a “cultural values” proposition to a traditional “economic value” proposition, as marketing objective for a diverse customer base. A cultural values proposition is built on the values and affiliations an organization signals in its philanthropic, financial and strategic alliance partners, its environmental and community footprints, and its human resource policies. The talk will illustrate case examples of effective transcultural marketing in healthcare and other industries

*A Burgeoning Opportunity: The 50 + Hispanic Consumer
Louis Maldonado, Partner, Managing Director, d expósito & Partners

The 50+ segment of Hispanic market is the fastest growing segment of the total Hispanic market. But few advertisers in the Healthcare/Pharma industry have targeted this segment. Insights and lessons learned from programs targeting this segment will be presented from work with clients like AARP.

*Believe What You Hear: Hispanic/Multicultural insights and their Impact on Healthcare Perceptions
Myrna DeJesus, Senior Vice President of Planning, PM3 Agency

Perception can sometimes be reality, and that can be true regarding minority perceptions of healthcare. While these generalizations are rarely accurate, they are rooted in some truth. Whether a mistrust of doctors or a cultural misunderstanding of insurance, there are cultural reasons why people have certain perceptions. This session explores the background and cultural habits that affect perceptions of healthcare among minorities and how marketers can address and change these perceptions.

Increasing Racial & Ethnic Diversity in Clinical Research: Meeting the Challenges from Molecule to Market
Sheila L. Thorne, President/CEO, Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group, LLC

Clinical research is the foundation for the practice of evidence-based medicine. Once approved by the FDA, the therapy becomes available for physicians to prescribe to their patients. The more diverse the participants in clinical research, the more confidence physicians have in study results and the benefits of the medicine to all people, and the more strategic advantage in marketing to consumers and physicians who treat people of color. Blacks, Latino and Asians participate in clinical research far below their representation in the population. This presentation will address the reasons for low participation of diverse groups, the challenges, the barriers and the solutions to recruiting and retaining diverse participants in clinical research.

*Multicultural Celebrities and Music Create Unique Growth Opportunities for Brands
Bob Williams, CEO & Speaker, Author of The Brand Agent

Multicultural audiences are the fastest growing consumer segments. Culture is often underutilized when marketing to consumers outside the general market. Celebrity endorsers and music have and continue to be very effective bridging the gap with consumers of different ethnicities. Bob Williams will share how healthcare brands can capitalize with powerful messages that resonate and stand out from the clutter with targeted consumers

El Poder En Ti: Why Patient Education is Critical to the Hispanic Population
Kate Merz, VP of Content and Creative Strategy, PatientPoint

Ellen Falb-Newmark, Vice President of Client Development, NBCU Hispanic Enterprises

When it comes to disease education, prevention and medication, Hispanic consumers still turn to the most trusted source—their doctors, and 45% of Hispanics agree they only use drug brands recommended by their physicians. And if that’s where Hispanic consumers go for specialty information, shouldn’t you focus your marketing efforts at the point of care? PatientPoint, the leader of patient and physician engagement at the point of care, and Telemundo, the industry leader in producing and distributing high-quality Spanish-language content, will detail why marketers should consider the point-of-care industry for their efforts in reaching this critical population

*How Do You Reach an Audience and Convince Them to Change a Risky Behavior?

I Will Listen
Howard Lenn, JWT

One in four people will suffer from mental illness at some point in their lifetimes, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Yet often these individuals conceal their difficulties from friends, co-workers, family health professionals and others who could offer help. When the New York City chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI–NYC) decided to investigate this phenomenon, they found that fear of being stigmatized—resulting in part from beliefs that individuals with mental illness are unpredictable or dangerous—was keeping many people silent. Teaming up with marketing company JWT New York, they designed the “I Will Listen” campaign in an effort to help break through these misconceptions.

*The Evolution of PSA Campaign or Evolving a PSA Campaign
Erin Stoeber, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America

In 2012, the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America launched “Escape the Stall” - a multi-faceted PSA campaign featuring actress Amy Brenneman to raise general awareness about IBD. In 2014, they leveraged key learnings and evolved the campaign into “Someone You Know.” By utilizing the existing creative assets they cost effectively expanded the messaging to better dimensionalize the severity and prevalence of these diseases in a way that was not achieved with the first campaign

*Mapping the Patient Experience using Massive Data 
Joseph Priest, VP of Pharmaceutical Partnerships, Practice Fusion

Keri Hettel, VP, Director of Analytics, Razorfish Healthware

Jamison Barnett, CTO, Verilogue

Verilogue, Razorfish Health, and Practice Fusion have partnered to build a patient experience map leveraging real world evidence from Practice Fusion’s EHR and PHR platform and the real world behaviors of doctors and patients both online and in the office. For the first time, large scale medical records, pharmacy data, claims data, lab records, online

*Pharma Marketing: Tap the Power of Behavioral Economics 
Daryl Travis, Author of Emotional Branding Founder/CEO of Brandtrust

People are driven by a deep emotional desire to be and feel normal, yet illness and disease robs them of that potential. Behavioral economics principles can be used to promote better health care and healthy habits, and thus increase patient adherence to prescribed brands and dosing regimens.

*POC Advertising Planning & Measurement 
Lindsey Azzaretti, Analyics Services Manager, Crossix

Rx brands have traditionally leveraged physician-focused measurement approaches to better understand the performance of their POC campaigns. This approach has indeed yielded useful insights, but it has also obscured the true patient impact of these programs and limited brands’ ability to derive more granular learnings essential for campaign optimization. But now, patient-centric, privacy-safe methodologies exist